ContactPLUS WordPress. A Perfectly Built Contact Form For Any WordPress Theme

Add it using only a shortcode. Simple and easy to customize!

WordPress contact form. Let your customers get in-touch with you!

An extremely flexible contact form that’s easy to install and customize. Add to any page using a single shortcode. Simplicity at it’s best.


Default & Bootstrap. Styling

For now there are 2 styles to choose from, this will soon change. I’ll be adding a lot more form styles from large forms to small forms, each with a different kind of input. You will defiantly find the right one for your website or blog.


Simple Installation

I created ContactPLUS WordPress separate for those who don’t have good PHP or HTML skills. Easily integrate it to your WordPress by uploading it via the plugins setting withing your wp-admin. Simplicity and easy management.


Easy Management

The good thing with WordPress plugins is that you can easily manage anything via the wp-admin. Our settings page contains everything you need to manage and customize your form. If the default styling isn’t showing just press save to add the class attributes.

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