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WordPress Themes and Plugins – Welcome to MHWEB.me

Our main goal is to create some nice wordpress themes and plugins that everyone can use. Each theme will have various page templates and multiple shortcodes to make your web designing experience easier. Documentation will also be provided for editing and customizing your theme to suit your needs.


We’ve created a couple of projects that are useful in the website world. Our contact form is easy to use and you can add it to any page you want. This gives your users the ability to get in-touch with you. Create forms or use the ones provided. Check out contactPLUS today!

Website and WordPress Tutorials

Throughout my web designing journey, I’ve learned a lot of useful things that I’ll be posting for WordPress Themes and websites. Anything ranging from creating plugins to making shortcodes, tips and tricks, CSS & HTML, PHP and JavaScript. I’ll try and post the lot.

Envato Marketplace

I post most of my projects on Envato, mainly for security purposes until I’ve figured something else out.

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I’m a freelance web designer from the UK, Scotland. Also available for freelance hire!

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    New version of contactPLUS coming soon!

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